Reasons to give

A community foundation is a collection of charitable funds established by people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – the desire to make a difference in their community. Donations to endowment funds are pooled together and invested. The income from these investments is then granted to support local registered charities, while the capital remains untouched. This means your original gift will have impact in the community today, tomorrow, and forever.

Why do people choose to give to community foundations?
Benefits you can bank on, forever.

We offer simplicity. We take care of all your giving needs and a single gift can address a wide range of interests. Donors are able to create their own philanthropic fund, simplify giving and record keeping, and maximize tax benefits.  

We offer flexibility. Donors may choose from a variety of giving options. Our staff work with donors and their advisors in exploring options for charitable gifts such as cash, life insurance, appreciated securities and bequests.

We offer a broad perspective. You have access to knowledge about current needs and opportunities in your community to help you invest in the causes you care about most.

We offer trust. We provide transparent governance and leadership and financial accountability.

We offer impact. You can multiply the impact of your gift by pooling it with other gifts and grants.

We offer permanence. You can create a timeless legacy that will benefit your community in perpetuity. Professional investment managers are selected to preserve The Foundations assets by maintaining income and growth at moderate levels of risk. 

Our goal is to be responsive to the donor’s personal, financial and philanthropic objectives.

Let’s get started!

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