Creating a Fund

Some people already have a good idea where they would like to donate their money. There is also a surprising number of generous people who just want to give back and strengthen the community they love as part of their financial or estate plan. Either way, we’d like to make it easy for you to invest philanthropically in a way that isn’t a “one time gift and it’s gone”. The endowment approach invests your initial capital donation. Profit from your original investment is gifted every year, forever, to charities doing fantastic work.

Starting a fund

We look forward to guiding you through the steps to establishing a fund with us.
1. Define your philanthropic goals and financial objectives.
2. Select the type of fund that matches your goal and objectives.
3. Decide when you will start your fund, now or in the future, and how much to contribute to achieve your goals.
4. Name your fund. See a full listing of our current funds here.
5. Determine which assets you will use in creating your fund.
6. Sign a fund agreement and make your gift to GCF.
7. Promote your fund to build support for your cause.

To view our easy-to-understand guide for investors, please click here: philanthropy booklet link.

Fund Options
We offer many different types of funds, each designed to present something different to our donors, that will suit their philanthropic objectives. 

You may also wish to transfer an existing Private or Family Foundation to the Guelph Community Foundation. It is cost effective and can ease your workload. You can take advantage of our professional investment management, donor administration and grant making expertise.

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