Colour mural with a persons face, emphasis on the eyes and a forest in the back.

We build community vitality.
Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Art not Shame Mural Project: Art in Hard Times, 2020 led by social artist Melanie Shambach accompanied by a team of local artists and social support workers.

Row of smiling kids looking at the camera.


We work with donors and help them plan their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations. We help them find innovative and responsible ways to give their investments lasting impact. We build endowments and create legacies. To meet some of our fund holders and read their stories, click here.


We grant funds to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives. Whether it is sending hundreds of children to camp, planting trees, awarding youth for significant achievements, or supporting a program for bereaved parents – to learn more about our various granting opportunities please click here. We base our funding decisions on both our Vital Signs research and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We bring people together from all parts of the community to stimulate new ideas, build participation, and strengthen community philanthropy. We identify long-term needs and opportunities in partnership with other funders, community groups and government.

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