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Living on Less

Couple Holding Shopping Basket.

(2009 Building Vital Communities) – Given that Guelph has been named as one of the best cities in Canada to live, you may be surprised to learn that 15 percent of Guelph and Wellington’s families with children live in poverty.
Living on Less workshops began as a pilot outreach project at St. James Apostle Church to help people struggling to ‘live on less’ maintain their dignity, self worth, health and good nutrition. Over 70 people came together to live a more simple life, cope with the attitude of poverty, thrive, and be positive. They found a community of people who shared their journey. Participants came with their questions and worries as they were counseled on budgeting, food and nutrition, employment strategies, housing and health. Like many in the group, one participant expressed her surprise, “Before this program, I had no idea of so many small ways I could help myself or where I could go for help when needed.”

A $1,200 grant from The Guelph Community Foundation supported the pilot program, and due to its success, additional workshops were then supported by the Poverty Elimination Task Force of Guelph. Small grants make a big difference: they allow organizations to test new ideas quickly and provide possible solutions to everyday problems.

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