Build Your Community, Build Your Resume

Brenda Walsh - Outreach Co-ordinator, Green Legacy compressed

Build Your Community, Build Your Resume is an interactive High School Student assembly that demonstrates how youth can make a difference in their community while gaining valuable workplace experiences. This project, a recipient of a $5,000 Community Grant in 2012, addresses volunteer needs and emerging employment opportunities in our community.

Over the past year, the Career Education Council (CEC) and Volunteer Centre of Guelph Wellington have delivered this presentation to 600 students. Information on volunteerism and career information has been distributed to over 1500 students. Guest speakers’ organizations, such as Green Legacy, What’s Cookin, and Hillside Festival have spoken to students about the benefit of volunteer experience on a resume and how students can be more involved in their communities.

At one such assembly held at Our Lady of Lourdes High School, Brenda Walsh, Outreach Co-ordinator for Green Legacy, highlighted the many volunteer opportunities available at Green Legacy and how the experience can add value to your resume. Karmel Smith, SPCA Officer at the Guelph Humane Society, shared how volunteering at the Humane Society while in High School led to her dream job.

“The joint CEC, Volunteer Centre high school presentations allow us a unique opportunity to inspire the passions and motivations of youth to make a difference in their community, whether through career development or volunteer engagement,” Says Christine Oldfield of the Volunteer Centre.

The web portal is designed for young people who are looking to become engaged in their communities. Since the beginning of these presentations there has been a 27% increase in the number of youth who have visited the site.

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