A Family’s Tribute to Their Father

Portrait of John A. Hourigan

John A. Hourigan Memorial Fund (scholarship fund)(February 2006): John [Jack] Hourigan, was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1911 and his career in finance brought him and his wife Marjorie to Guelph in 1952. Besides being very busy with his career and raising 5 children, he served on the Wellington County Separate School Board as a Trustee from 1956–1986.

The Hourigan home was the gathering place for friends and neighbours. Music, faith and tradition were important to Jack Hourigan, who played the piano all his life. He enjoyed sports and only wished he had started playing golf earlier in life, instead of waiting until he retired.

Jack Hourigan was devoted to Catholic education and many people expressed admiration for his efforts as a Trustee. “It is those comments that inspired us to create a lasting memory of our father”, stated Paul Hourigan.

In 2006, after their father’s passing, the family discussed the idea of creating a scholarship fund. They were excited about the idea of continuing their father’s support of Catholic education. However, there were concerns about how to administer such a fund.

Richard Woolfrey, their father’s lawyer at Moon Heath LLP in Guelph, listened to their ideas and talked about The Guelph Community Foundation. After visiting The Foundation’s website and a few telephone conversations with staff, the family realized that The Guelph Community Foundation offered a solution to their wishes.

Together, the family created the John A. Hourigan Memorial Fund, a scholarship fund to support students in Catholic education. “The Guelph Community Foundation provided direction and a comfort level that we could create a lasting memorial to our father, which would in turn benefit others in an area that he dedicated a great deal of his life”, stated Paul Hourigan.

What a wonderful way to celebrate a loved one’s life, forever!

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