A Family’s Loss, a Young Man’s Legacy

Portrait of Peter Szkotnicki

Peter Szkotnicki Legacy Fund

(donor advised fund)
Peter Szkotnicki was a bright, engaging individual, who was loved by family and friends. He was a gifted person that people often wanted to be with due to his keenness for life, his sense of humour and love for adventure. He excelled as a student, at equestrian sports and derived great pleasure in being with horses and the family pets.

In Peter’s teenage years he began to suffer from mental illness. The disease eventually resulted in him taking his life at the age of 23. Sadly, while Peter was exposed to psychological help he did not seek it out in dealing with his challenges. Nor did he share his mental challenges with the many family and friends who cared so deeply for him.

Peter’s journey has inspired his parents, Bill and Jean Szkotnicki, to set up a Legacy Fund in his name. “It is our hope that this Fund will reach out to individuals that may have similar mental health issues and help them to manage those challenges in a positive way,” said Jean. “Our goal is to save the life of a youth dealing with mental illness and prevent other families and friends from suffering through the loss of someone they love so dearly.”

The Peter Szkotnicki Legacy Fund will provide support for charitable activities or organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Guelph community, and more specifically, in support of mental health programs targeting youth.

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