GCF Grant Stories Hopewell Children's Home: Two photos of visibly handicapped young adults smiling with handheld workout items

Hopewell Children’s Homes #GCFGrantStories

Two photos of smiling visibly disabled young adults holding weights

Today in our #GCFGrantStories series, we feature Community Grant recipient Hopewell Children’s Homes (HCH), which received funding for its Hopewell/YMCA Community Partnership Program for Inclusion, Well-being & Improved Health Outcomes.

HCH works with individuals with a range of physical and developmental abilities and help their residents in reaching their maximum level of achievement and independence. They are focused on offering support that benefits the whole person, including health, wellness, and physical activity. For those with a disability, getting their bodies moving can be more challenging, and inactivity can increase the risk of developing various diseases.

Through the help of GCF’s Community Grants funding, HCH successfully implemented its health and wellness initiative and had purchased a 1-year membership to the YMCA for each of its 12 residents. HCH also bought and created in-home gyms across six of its homes, including one treadmill, two pedal exerciser leg and arm cycling bikes, two weight rack sets, four powerball sets, two sets of ankle weights, three recumbent bikes, and three small gym trampolines.

The in-home gyms are a sustainable health and wellness initiative that will stay in place and benefit residents for years to come! The ladies in HCH’s Wilton Home have enjoyed the additions to the at-home gym and utilize the YMCA as much as possible. They have incorporated many movements and activities into their daily lives using the exercise bike, weighted balls, and weights. They also love going to the YMCA to use the workout areas and joining in on aquafit classes and leisure swims.

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