Reporting and Recognition

Evaluation reporting is the final stage of our granting process and is a condition of all grants. It is our job to work with donors and match their interests with the causes that matter, and through your feedback, we learn more about the ingredients for project success. This is the information that inspires our donors and helps both your organization and ours meet our common goal of service to the community.

Foundations are driven to demonstrate community benefit due to:
– Growing public demand for accountability
– Increased competition for funds and resources
– Growing need for not-for-profits services and programs
– Increased attention to knowledge-based decision making
– Growing stakeholder interest in return on investment

Grants from The Guelph Community Foundation are made possible by generous donors who have contributed funds to support local projects and initiatives. Public recognition of the grant acknowledges all donors who contribute to The Foundation and it educates the general public about initiatives that are happening in the community. 

The type of recognition you are able to provide will depend upon the nature of your project and organization, but should include some or all of the following:

How This Benefits Your Organization:
– You receive positive attention for the work you are doing;
– By recognizing The Foundation and its donors, you are in fact ‘thanking’ our generous supporters as well as raising awareness of the value of giving back to the community;
– Identifying The Foundation as a source of support lends further credibility to your efforts;
– Other not-for-profits learn about The Foundation’s grant programs and are encouraged to contact us for support. 

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