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Elora House: Doubling their Impact #GCFGrantStories

Next up in our #GCFGrantStories series is Community Grant recipient Elora House, which received funding for its Rebuild Project, described as “a journey to build towards self-reliance, resilience, and overall well-being.”

Elora House is a three-stage recovery centre offering programs and services focused on rest, therapy, education, and job training post-sex trafficking. These services can help survivors regain control over their lives and build a sense of empowerment. Additionally, by advocating for survivors, Elora House helps raise awareness about human trafficking and works towards preventing it from happening in the first place.

Through GCF’s funding, Elora House expanded its Stage Two programming to a larger facility, increased its resources, hired a new staff member, and formed two new community partnerships. Due to this expansion, the number of survivors supported doubled. In 2022, it saw three residents complete their programs and take positive steps toward recovery, such as finishing high school and enrolling in post-secondary education.

One resident who completed the program became a dedicated Elora House volunteer and advocate for other survivors. Because of the trauma that many survivors experience, they commonly have difficulty connecting with others and trusting those around them. The fact that this resident became a volunteer and advocate is a testament to the supportive community at Elora House.

The staff at Elora House have seen glimpses of life transformation as survivors in their care were able to #heal and then go on to advocate for and empower other survivors around them. With their Stage Two home and eventual Stage Three home, the staff hopes to witness this transformation in even more women in our community.

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