Helping Hands for Arts and Culture

(November 2006 – Musagetes Fund): Immigrating and becoming a new Canadian is a significant change and many women feel isolated as they begin a new life in a completely different culture. The Guelph Community Health Centre was granted $3,000 for the Helping Hands for Arts & Culture program, supporting women from different backgrounds. This initiative provided opportunity for women to meet others in a safe space where, through art/sewing/cooking, they share their skills and experiences as immigrants, and are able to talk about specific issues that affect them, their families and communities.

With the help of many interpreters, 23 women from 9 countries have participated and developed relationships with one another, and have created a vital support system for themselves and their families. Women are more aware of their rights and responsibilities within their new environment and have access to information that can be of assistance if they need it. It has also allowed the Health Centre to strengthen its outreach with English as a Second Language programs in schools.

Everyone should have a successful start in life as a child, an adult, or a newcomer to Guelph and Wellington. Thank you to our generous donors from The Guelph Community Foundation’s Musagetes Fund for creating an everlasting impact for these women in our community.

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